All About Us

Victory Garden is a family run business. Our family has lived in the Rogue Valley for well over 25 years.

Being 1st generation farmers we have learned to farm by reading endless books on organic farming, watching endless youtube videos (actually really helpful), attending farming conferences, by trial and error, and through the generosity of other farmers willing to share their own experiences with us. 

Victory Garden operates on the Upper Rogue in Prospect and Shady Cove. Our farm sites total 7 acres of land. On our farms, we produce a variety of greens, herbs, flowers, and seasonal veggies that we sell to local restaurants and by participating in the local farmer's markets.

Our farming approach is to follow sustainable agriculture practices. We do not use any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Our approach to curbing pest problems is to start by creating healthy soil, using non-GMO seeds, composting,  proper rotation of crops, and inviting beneficial insects into our garden by either hand application or by having beneficial specific plants in the garden.

At Victory Garden, food safety is one of our top priorities. We follow strict Food Safety Practices at both farm locations including hand washing, field, and packhouse inspections, and follow set sanitation procedures.

Let us feed you


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