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All About Us

Victory Garden is a family run business. The Reid family (Victor, Lety, Kianna, and Ezra) have lived in the Rogue Valley for well over 25 years.

Being 1st generation farmers they learned to farm by trial and error (mostly error) and through the generosity of other farmers willing to share their experiences. 

They strive to produce the highest of quality produce, with their main emphasis on building the healthiest of soil. Following organic farming methods they use only non-gmo seeds, compost, and avoid any forms of chemical applications.

Their Shady Cove garden, consists of 1 acre of raised no-till beds. Located close to the Rogue River, the climate is great for the growing of greens, tomatoes, squash and root crop.

Their Prospect garden, consists of 8 acres. Here they raise  poultry to include turkey and chickens for both meat and eggs.